My Droid 3 refuses to connect to wifi or 3G, help?

My phone was working just fine yesterday. Then sometime around last night, my phone didn't have the 3G icon in the corner telling me my phone was connected to it. I was still getting on the internet and whatnot ok, but then things started failing to load, messes refused to be sent, and nothing will download or load or anything. I've tried turning my phone off and on, taking out the battery and everything. And occasionally it works for a couple minutes. But currantly, its not doing anything. Help?

Re: My Droid 3 refuses to connect to wifi or 3G, help?
Customer Service Rep

Hi there jaadeholland! Thanks for posting some steps you tried when trying to fix this issue. Do you possibly have an application (either an anti-virus or battery-saving application) that is turning off your wireless signals? If so, please try removing those applications.  If not, a factory reset sounds like the next best step.  Here are the steps: Settings> Data> Factory Data Reset. Give that a shot and let us know if that fixes it.


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