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My Droid Incredible and it's long going charging issues

I have been a Verizon customer for almost over 15 years+ I deal with customer service and I must say that I don't think I have ever run into a rude Customer Service Rep ever. Even in person at random stores I have been treated well. Except for one time a guy tried to sell me a new phone when I didn't need one but there's one in every 100. Soooo, that being said... I love Verizon and I have loved my Droid Incredible for the most part. Though I have had several problems with it. I've already had it replaced because of volume problems early on but other than that, it has been find until now.

I have had charging issues non-stop the last several months.

I have gotten a new battery and a new wall charger which seemed to help for about a month. Now I am beginning to experience a new problem where I have been charging all night, the bar on the battery is seemingly charging and I get a 11% or whatever low battery notice. So then I have to do a (as answered in a previous thread) hard shut down and re-boot. It looks as if it is charging again and will hold the charge mostl likely but I never know what the case will be after a night of leaving it plugged in.

Anyone else have this problem and fixed it?

I have had a lot of issues with the battery connector getting loose in past phones but it doesn't seem to be the case... Though I really feel that is also an ongoing issue... The one who invents charging another way... perhaps the same way guys charge their shavers... can eliminate the connector problem (hey I just gave some techie genius a million dollar idea... remember my could you get right on that one please?!) Anywaaaay....

Well, obviously this has been a Droid Incredible problem because the last thread was over 80 long... It was closed to new posts from what I could see.. so I am posting here. Fresh so Verizon can see this problem is ongoing! I am ready to trade up to an Apple. My daughter is loving hers.

I GET that this is all still new technology and we are so spoiled with our expectations. I mean when I was a kid... this was all science fiction stuff... but  since we are being charged for a service... I expect what I pay for... ya know?

I have just turned over for an upgrade as I write this or am close to it. I know it was this month... So tired of this... it's like going out every morning and wondering if my car is going to start or not.

Someone please help with an answer! Or Droid make these Incredibly reliable not incredibly annoying!

Re: My Droid Incredible and it's long going charging issues

For the last 2 1/2 weeks Droid Incredible 2 has been doing the same thing....uninstalled countless apps, then even a factory resest.   Plugged it in last night at 40% power, it was charging.  Woke up this morning and once again completed dead. Apparently, this is happening to a great number of Incredible 2 owners.  Hope Verizon makes it right.