My Droid Mini will NOT turn off

Sometimes my Droid Mini will not turn off.  Can't really pinpoint a certain time/situation when this happens, just does.  One day I must have tried like 20 times in a row, then hours later I went to show my husband what was happening and it shut off.  Anyone else know what is causing this?  Or does this happen to anyone else?

Many thanks!

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Re: My Droid Mini will NOT turn off
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Let's get your phone back in order CCinCBus. Have you downloaded any sort of new applications to your phone or has your phone done any sort of software updates? To ensure there is not a third party application causing these issues, can you please try running your phone on safe mode. To learn how to run your phone on safe mode click, If you still notice your phone still experiencing issues while on safe mode, please feel free to reach out to us for further assistance.

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