My Verizon Profige-Sign In

My Samsung Charge is now showing a sign in page many times a day by itself.  It asks for my username and password.  When I hit the back button instead of signing in, it disappears, only to return a short time later. How can I make this message stop showing up on my phone? And how did it get there to start with?  Under Settings and Applications, it shows a box with SSO and My Verizon Profile running, and also a Verizon SSO Engine that is running.  Is there a way to turn this off, and what are these applications? Thanks.

Re: My Verizon Profige-Sign In
Customer Service Rep

WyNetter, I can certainly explain the need for this username and password. You need a My Verizon Profile (SSO or Signal Sign On) account to access certain Verizon Wireless applications (My Verizon, Mobile IM, Video On Demand, Music On Demand, V CAST Media Manager, etc. from your 4G LTE phone. If you login once with your My Verizon login, then this prompt will stop appearing.

Let me know if you need further assistance.

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