My droid operates with no battery

If my phone powers off due to no battery power, I occasionally will then have issues with it then charging and working correctly.  If it is plugged in to the wall charger and the battery is in, it just continually cycles through the startup process and never stays on long enough for me to do anything.  However, if I take the battery out, the phone works fine.  Normally after several hours or so the phone charges fine again when I reinstall the battery but it's been a couple days this time and still no success.  I haven't taken in to the store yet but I'm wondering if a factory reset might be the answer.  Has this ever happened to anyone else? 

Re: My droid operates with no battery
Verizon Employee

Oh my!  Natalie8, that's odd.  I'd like to assist with resolving this battery issue.

I'd first like to ask you a few questions to see what may be causing this to happen.  Which model Droid do you have?  Are you using the battery that came with your Droid?  Are you using the wall charger that came with your device, as well?  Have you tried a different charger to see if you get different results?  These answers would help me to determine if this is phone, battery or charger related.  We can save the factory reset as a last troubleshooting step, if necessary.



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