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Myriad Problems with Speaker, Market, Auto Dock, Etc.

I've had my DINC2 since July, but about three weeks ago, all of a sudden there appeared something called Auto Dock.  I had never seen this before.  It would pop up when I'd be in the middle of something, and then something called Desk Dock (I think) would pop up.  This has since stopped, but ever since then, every call I make and receive is automatically on speaker.


I also cannot access Market.  It says I need to add an account, but when I try to add one (I already had a gmail account on the phone), it sends me back to the home screen.  My gmail app no longer works, either.  When I try to access it, there is a flash of a message that says, "This account is not configured to sync automatically.  Press Menu > Refresh to sync mail once.  Or press Home and Settings > Account &Sync and configure this account to sync mail automatically."  I can't do any of that because gmail won't open.


Help, please.  I live an hour and a half away from the nearest big Verizon store.



Re: Myriad Problems with Speaker, Market, Auto Dock, Etc.
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I'd be happy to help you fix these multiple issues with your Droid Incredible 2.  Please list any troubleshooting steps that you've completed if you're still experiencing this issue.  


Some general things to try if you haven't already:


1) Dial *228 Send.  Choose option 1 when the voice comes on. 

2) Pull the battery out for 3 Seconds. 


For your Car Dock situation:


Does it happen when you plug in the phone? If not, can you ensure your charging port is clear of debris and small objects that may have been lodged in it? 


Go to Settings> Applications> Manage Applications> All>  Car Panel> Clear Cache/Clear Data/Force Stop.  Do the same for Dock Mode.  Retest, and and let us know if that fixes the issue.


For your Gmail problem:


1) Go to Settings> Applications> Manage Applications> All> Gmail> Force Stop/Clear Data/Clear Cache/Uninstall Updates.  Please do the same for the Market. You may be prompted later to install the updates which is fine if you do. 


2) Go to and fill out the fields and submit it. This is just in case a security measure has been tripped/activated accidentally. 


Last step:


If none of the above works, the final step in all of this is a Factory Reset. 




Please follow up with any questions, news, or updates about your issue.



Re: Myriad Problems with Speaker, Market, Auto Dock, Etc.

Thanks for the response. 


I had already seen that someone said there was an update, so I updated and that solved every single problem!