Need Help Droid Incredible 2 Mail on home screen

I can get mail from gmail on applications menu, stays signed in.  When I open Mail icon on the home screen it wants to search for existing email accounts.  When I select gmail and sign in with email address and password, I keep getting 401 error!  Now I'm getting exceeded pin limit.  Who can help with this, why won't the mail icon on home screen work, yet the gmail app on applications menu is working fine.  Did we add these out of sequence?  Am I locked out of mail on home screen now?

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When you enter your GMAIL account information in the GMAIL application, you will need to access this email account directly from the GMAIL application. If you prefer to have your email sent to the device's Mail account, you will need to first delete the email account from the GMAIL application and add a new email account through the Mail application. 


Adding a POP3/IMAP email account:


From the main Home screen, tap > Mail.

Do one of the following: If this is your first time to add an email account in Mail, tap Other (POP3/IMAP) on the Choose a mail provider screen.

If you’ve already added an email account in Mail, press MENU , and then tap More > New account.

If the Choose a mail provider screen is displayed, tap Other (POP3/IMAP).

3. Enter the email address and password for your email account and then tap Next.

4. If the account type you want to set up is not in the phone database, you’ll be asked to enter more details.

5. Enter the account name and your name and then tap Finish setup.


A helpful tool is to review page 150 of the User Manual, which is attached to this post.


Thank you.