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Need help with Droid Charge camera shuting off phone

We have two droid charge phones that we got in April on Amazon.  We are trying to troubleshoot with Samsung and getting not much help.  Phone dies quickly at times, but not other times.  It consistently shuts off when taking pictures, though, on both phones.  It is clear to us that the phone has a problem because we have two.  I've seen two work-arounds.  One is getting a bigger battery that requires a new larger phone back.  The other is to put the phone in Airplane Mode.  Apparently, this problem is due to a "power load" issue.  So, the phones are inherently defective. 

We like the phones and at brief times we have been fooled into thinking they are working fine... because once in a while the camera works fine. We haven't had any replacement phones because it seems that so many have this issue and therefore, figured what is the point.  We would like to know if other Droid Charge cameras don't have this issue because we expect to be able to use the camera.  We have 3 little boys and we already have lost pictures from the last day of school because we counted on this phone.  Sounds like a small problem until you look at it that way. 

Really wish Amazon, Verizon or Samsung could get us a good solution to a seemingly nice phone.

Re: Need help with Droid Charge camera shuting off phone

Mine does the same thing - intermittently.  Sometimes the pictures are great - others it shuts off and I have to pull the battery to restart. So frustrating!!!! And, like you, I have lost precious opportunities for pictures of my grandchildren because of this.  I am impatiently waiting for my next upgrade so I can get out of this phone!

Re: Need help with Droid Charge camera shuting off phone
Customer Support

Nolpost and smsmoot, I’m sorry to hear of the issues you are having with the phone shutting off when using the camera. This is no fun! I use my camera often and would hate for it to reboot my phone every time I use it. I can only imagine how frustrating that must be. But don’t worry guys because I’m here to help!

How long have you guys had this issue? Does it happen every time you use the camera? Did you notice this started after the software update? If so, have you performed a hard reset since the update?

If you have already performed a hard reset and are still experiencing this issue, please send me a DM with your name and mobile number so I can access your account and further assist you.

I look forward to hear from you guys.

John B

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