New number on bionic phone wont activate

Forced to buy a 4g phone telling me it would solve all my problems (that Ive had forever) turns out there is no 4g service in my area ( i learn after getting my phone) you blame me for not knowing.. Now new number wont activate... What a bunch of erroneous information... All the people working who have tried to help seem to know little or nothing about it all... Just tell me to keep turning my phone on and off... What a bunch of unacceptable business practices....over and sick of Verizon costing me money and wasting my time ....Now after having no phone since i changed my number , they say i need to drive an hr away to goto s special store and get a new sim card....Why dont you tell people this will happen when you let them change numbers... Why are you guys so incredibly shady? Such a big company you rip people off and think it dones mater... time for the fcc and BBB to hear from me again...WTF

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