New phones unable to answer incoming calls.

I purchased 2 NEW Charges 5 weeks ago.  They are now unable to answer incoming calls.  When you try to answer an incoming call the phone operates as if the call has been answered, but you can neither here or be heard.  The screen will continue to count time until the phone automatically hangs up.  I can make outgoing calls with no problem.  I took the phone that malfunctioned first to the local verizon corporate store where they installed 4 new sim cards and removed the battery six times.  The phone had the factory data reset five times.  All of this was done by a store employee while on the phone to tec support.  Nothing changed so they ordered me a new(reconditioned) phone.  When that phone arrived I took it to the corporate store were they opened the box and got it up and running and never was able to recieve a call.  Exactly like the original phone.  They got on with tec support and were unable to get the phone to work.  Please can anybody help??  I need a phone that can answer calls!

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