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No one ever paid me for a construction project that was faulty or incomplete

Less than one year ago Bionic was Verizon's flagship android phone, top of the line, high price, first 4g.  The devices have had severe and near constant data connection issues which is reported in ALL the tech press.  When speaking with Verizon tech service they say,  we haven't heard of this problem in your area.  Do a hard reset, we'll send new a new sim card, ugh, we'll send you a refurbished phone.  Not one of these responses do anything to resolve the problem, but this is the response Tech service reps are told to use.  Almost every Verizon Tech I've spoken with is polite, and anxious to provide service but their tool kit does not allow for resolution of the problem.  And as far as "We haven't heard of this issue", it is either untrue or none of their techs read any tech blogs online,  (I mean any).  One might think that at least some of them read tech sites relating to their employment.

The problem is nation wide and widely reported.  Review posts in any number of android sites.

My wife and I have two top of the line android phones less than one year old and $140 plus monthly bill.  I can get  refurbished phones with the same exact problems but that does not solve the problem.

Verizon policy is admit no permanent and device wide failure, but they have polite Tech reps to waste your time if it helps you to talk about it.  BUT no resolution.  Operating system software updates (which could rectify the data connectivity issue?????)  for the less than one year old flagship of verizon are....... well it's......scheduled early 2nd quarter of this year.

Im thinkin I'll try this,  I'll schedule my next payment on contract for, lets see, one week AFTER the operating system is updated and the data connectivity issues are resolved.   No one ever paid me final payment on a construction project that was faulty or incomplete.