No service in Nicaragua and Panama

I recently went on vacation to Nicaragua and Panama and I had no service at all on my Droid 2 Global. The main reason I bought this phone was because I travel a lot; I've been to Canada, Mexico and Japan with the Droid 2 Global and was able to get a roaming signal, in Central America, I had no signal at all. Why was I not able to get a signal on my phone? I'm pretty disappointed that the phone is advertised as being global ready, yet I had not signal in Central America. Any help would be useful, thanks in advance.

Re: No service in Nicaragua and Panama
Customer Service Rep

Hello memopad85! I'm very jealous of your many travels. I have also been a Droid 2 Global owner, but didn't have the chance to use it in as many places as you have! The Global is indeed capable of working in all the countries you mentioned (and then some)! But it needs to be prepared for that journey, which includes having settings added at the account level (International Dialing Allowed) and on the phone (network setting to Global or GSM/UMTS). If you did that but still were experiencing issues, then we would want you to reach out to our Global Support team.

Since you're back now, we're not able to troubleshoot what occurred. I'm sorry for missing that opportunity. But I do recommend that you reach out to Customer Care before your next trip to make sure that the account and device settings are there to support you!

Dion M.
VZW Support
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