Not all text messages get sent from Droidx or Droidx2

My family has stock Droid x and Droid x2s. We are using the Text App that comes with the phones. Both phones have this same problem.

Sporadically, text messages do not get sent.  They remain hung up, showing the green 'sending' arrow. None of the message goes out.

I have been able to identify the problem, but not reason, in one instance.

This message will not send. (dashes not included)


Page one








Start page two¿


It appears that text in a message is broken up into 145 character chunks (probably for SMS limits).

Notation on my text app shows pages and characters left.( e.g. 145/1 for 145 characters

left, page 1 or 83/2 for 83 characters left on page 2)

1. I'm not sure that sending text from my phone via email did not add/subtract characters.

2. The 'P" in page one is the first character.

3. The 'S' in Start page two is the beginning of page 2

4. The '¿'  (an upside down question mark) at the very end of the text message is the problem.

If I replace it with any standard keyboard characters, the message gets sent.

If this  is located anywhere on the second page, the text won't send. Anywhere on the first

page, it sends OK.

The fact that this character (Hex 'bf', for those that care) can be sent on the first page smells

like a bug.

Thanks for listening to a blithering idiot!!

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Customer Service Rep

Wow! This certainly sounds like a strange coincidence that both phones are having the same issue! You say that you are using the default application on the phone. Have you ever had any third party messaging applications on the phone? Did you eer try the same message in those applications perhaps? The message being broken up into chunks does follow what our network would do to the message. Also, in terms of the special character, if you are trying to send it to a phone that's not compatible, the message will not send. Is this to just one contact or to multiple contacts? Any other issues with the phone that you have noticed? Please let us know.


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Thanks for your response!

To answer your questions:

No, yes, yes, no . . . Just kidding!

Anyway, I had never used a third party app. I just downloaded Handcent SMS

texting app. It exhibited the same issue that the default app does.

The way the message behaves I'm sure it doesn't even get to the point of

trying to send the message. The sending arrow on the message stays with the

message forever, or till I delete it, and the Handcent app shows its'

"sending" spinning gear on these messages forever. Other successful

messages don't show these icons after the message is sent.

If I send a 'normal' message, the green arrow hangs around for a while and

then disappears once the message is sent.

I have tried to send this message to a friend who has an iphone and is on a

different carrier. It behaves the same, and does not leave my phone.

I have sent this message to myself from my wife's Droid X2 with the same


The failing text I sent you before was what I used to trouble shoot the

problem ( to narrow down the 'offending' character). Below is a copy of the

original message that fails. If you could cut and paste this into phones you

folks have, you could try to send it yourself! Note the "¿" around the OK.


Hi, Carol

I just ordered tickets for NCAA womans first and second rounds at Gampel.

I ordered two tickets for you folks. They are $30 each.Total would be $70,

including handling charge.

¿OK? I'm sure out will be !


======Message end

I was able to copy the message above, paste it to my desktop as a text file,

open it from my phone and copy the text, then send it in a text message. It

didn't send. when I remove the upsidedown question mark, it sends OK

Thanks for listening.


P.S. My email joat is part of JOAT MON (jack of all trades, master of none)

Have a great Turkey day!

Customer Service Rep

Hello JoatMon,

     Thank you for the additional information on the text messaging issue. I want to ensure that we get a permanent solution for you. May I ask what software version do you have on your device? Also, do you have any apps downloaded that may add any emoticons or other symbols to the stock text app? If not then the next step may be a hard reset on the device. This process does erase all of the information from the device so I suggest backing up all of your information to your Gmail account for preservation. The steps on how to do this reset can be found in the links below:

     Once you have completed the hard reset then the device(s) would need to be re-setup. There is a brief tutorial on the phone that will walk you through the setup process. Before restoring any apps or personal information to the phone, I recommend testing all of the voice, text, and data services. If the issue persist then please reply with your findings as we may have to escalate the issue.

Thank you...

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