Not receiving all my text messages.

My son purchased an Incredible 2 on 8/26/2011 and he had no problems until about 5 weeks ago when he started not receiving all of his text messages. Of course Verizon had him do a factory reset which did not help. Sent him a refurbished phone and it had the same problem. Took hours on the phone with Verizon to get them to admit there is a problem that began with the 2.3.4 OTA. Three factory resets and still no resolution. Finally they agreed to give him another phone - 4 choices: Charge, Stratosphere, Droid x2 or Droid 3. He didn't want any of those but was going to go with the Charge, when he called them with his choice they then said he couldn't have any of those phones, they had made a mistake and after another hour with them and a lot of complaining, they said they would send him an iPhone 4 - 16g and he'd have it the next day by 3:00 PM. Two days later and no phone, and now we receive a call that he can't have the iPhone, another mistake on their part. They now gave him 3 other choices which are definitely phones that are not at all comparable in quality. So waiting on another refurbished Incredible 2. I almost forgot, they gave him the option to upgrade early but he would have to pay $199.00 for a Rezound; or $99 for an iPhone 4 - 8g; not allowed to upgrade to an iPhone 4 - 16g or iPhone 4S because it was an upgrade exception. What crap. The phone was less than 4 months old when the problems started; they blame the problem on HTC and HTC says it's a Verizon issue. Meanwhile, we spent $199 on the Incredible 2 and now less than 5 months later we would have to spend another $199 to get something comparable and then we can't even pick the phone we want!!!!!!!  So much for customer service. My son would prefer just to have an Incredible 2 that works.