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Now Phone Forgets/Can't Make WiFi Connection?

Beyond all of my other app issues and operating system force close issues with my Droid Charge (almost paperweight) phone unit . . . Starting two days ago it is now UNABLE TO ESTABLISH A WiFi CONNECTION!!!

Nothing has changed with the router or password (all of our other WiFi equipment works just fine) and I have even 'removed' the connection from the phone and re-added it. NOPE.

I am not one who 'Cries Wolf' or takes to conspiracy theories (just a normal professional business person) - And have had cell phones since there were in a bag with battery . . . BUT THE DROID CHARGE IS AN ABSOLUTE PIECE OF JUNK.

Any VZW assistance is always appreciated.

ALL ANYONE WANTS IS A PHONE (that's still under contract) THAT WORKS.

Re: Now Phone Forgets/Can't Make WiFi Connection?

Well . . . Once again went through the factory reset procedure (no fun - for the uptenth time) with hopes THAT would allow my Droid Charge to recognize frequently used WiFi networks again. NOPE!!!

Yes, a factory reset will allow you to enter the WEP/WPA security code and use the local available WiFi connection . . . Until you leave the local WiFi range and return to it, then NOPE - AGAIN!!

No, this isn't for a single WiFi source (I realize that routers DO 'go bad' occasionally)  - The same scenario is repeated for each WiFi network at different locations I visit in the course of a day's work.

Please HELP us VZW . . . We just want phone units (still under contract) that work nominally as advertised.

H E L P !   Smiley Sad

Re: Now Phone Forgets/Can't Make WiFi Connection?
Sr. Member


Your problem sounds like it's the phone but do check these things.

Recheck to see these things:  Go to Wireless & Networks and touch WiFi settings.  It should start scanning.  Go down to Add Network and again add your SSID and Security passphrase.  I say this because it sounds like your phone is not keeping (holding) your SSID and/or security passphrase settings so entering them here may work as opposed to entering then when a network is found through scanning.

Then go down to Advanced and set the Wi-Fi sleep policy to NEVER and also make sure Use Static IP is checked. Leave IP address and Gateway unused. 

If this does not work then do a more than 10 Minute battery pull.  This is NOT like a factory reset.  Remove your battery for more than 10 minutes.  Then re-install the battery and reboot your phone and again recheck or reenter your SSID and passphrase.  If that doesn't fix your problem I am fresh out of ideas.