Ok I dont mean to sound stupid but I cant get logged on to my wifi, nor am I able to down load the ringtone I purchase....

Hi all!

Listen I just had to get a replacement phone and I really dont remember how I down loaded all the stuff I had on there. I cant get onto my wifi and I cant down load my ring tone. Its in a text message but that all I have...I am about the though this out the window. The inconsiderate people at verizon dont have time to help or show you anything!!! Please help!

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To follow up on what bearone21 said, from a PC (or Mac) login to the Google Play Store at play.google.com, click on My Android Apps in the upper right hand corner and then scan through the apps you may have installed from Play Store (formerly Market).  Then from your phone click on Play Store and download the apps you preciously had, one at a time.  If you had apps from Amazon Appstore, then go to Amazon, login on a PC and check "Your Account > Your Apps and Devices" and find the apps you have from there.  Download the Appstore app onto your phone and reload the apps you had previously.   If you do not know how to do this, ask a trusted friend who does to help you.

Ringtones???  SOL???


it's a replacement phone & your problem to reconfigure. it's not verizon's problem that you can't remember what apps you had. if wi-fi is encrypted, you have to use the same key, maybe  a different channel on the router, i use "11".

if the ringtone came into the other phone it's history unless you can prove you purchased it.

good luck