Only getting some of my email on y incredible 2

Hello... I just set up my email account on my phone 3 weeks ago and I only get some of my mail. I need help with this. I went  to the Verizon office and they reset my phone and that didn't help and they had no idea what to do. Help!

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Customer Service Rep

Hi Bagania,

I know getting your emails is very important. I want to make sure all the communication is coming through for you. We need to verify your phone settings allow all emails to come through. First go to Settings -> Accounts & sync -> Background data and Auto-sync both need to be checked ON.

Every email provider is different so I also recommend you try and select the option for "Other." You can manually setup the email in this method and test to see if it's working.

If by any chance it's still not functioning, I recommend contacting the email provider to verify the mobile email settings with them. They will be able to verify the details and confirm the setup.

Thank you,
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