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Orginal Driod possessed! Ah, please help!

Hi all. My phone is old, I know. It is the original driod and I really can't fork out the funds for a new one. I love this phone, but lately it has been calling people, texting them, turning on music and apps, and adding things. All sorts of nonsence has been occuring, and I have tried the master reset, but the phone starts picking choices after the reset finished, so that didn't fix it. I took out the SD card, and there are still issues. What is wrong and can it be fixed?

Re: Orginal Driod possessed! Ah, please help!

Just want to say that I don't think it has anything to do with how old your phone is. I have the droid 2 global and just got another one because it was being glitchy, possessed, opening stuff on it's own etc.... I did do the factory reset with the old phone and it didn't work. Now the new one is just as bad! Verizon store was no help, they offered factory reset, and if that doesn't work they send me a new one, WHICH I HAVE DONE BEFORE!!! I will be watching if you get any good fix ideas that aren't what I have already done.

Re: Orginal Driod possessed! Ah, please help!
Customer Support

Hi Edelweiss555,

Sorry to learn of the difficulties you have experienced with the Droid device. I read your post and I'd love to try some troubleshooting. The issues you are excountering could be caused by an application. Please put the device in safe mode for 12 hours to a day and monitor: Please keep us posted on the results, thanks!

Christina B
VZW Support
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