Original Droid has intermittent service since 2.2.3 update, needs rebooted often

I received the 2.2.3 FRK76 update on Wednesday morning. After it rebooted I had no cell service. I had two bars but they never changed. No data service at all. I did not think to try making a phone call. I rebooted the phone and all was well.


Two hours later I had the same issue. The phone showed two bars of service but there wasn't any. It never moved off two bars no matter where I moved. I rebooted the phone again (this was about 7 AM) and all was well again.


Then last night about 11 PM I noticed the same thing. Two bars and all apps reported "no network". I attempted to go into Airplane Mode to turn off the cell modem and the box got checked and dimmed but then it hung there. It usually takes a second or so. I went in and out of Settings but it was still dim and hung up.


I rebooted the phone again after about five minutes and it came up in Airplane Mode. I took it out of Airplane Mode and about an hour later it showed I had a voicemail but there was nothing in the Call Log. I listened to the voicemail and it had come in at 9 PM, two hours before I noticed the phone was not working. It had been on my desk next to me the entire night with the ringer on so there's no way I missed the call. It looks like this is affecting voice as well as data, which I guess is to be expected.


Phone storage is 119 MB available, which is about where it's been for months. I usually rebooted the phone every week or two before this last update. It's been flawless for the past two years.


Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.





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I have a similar problem, and want to roll back the update.

After the Android version 2.2.3 update - 2.2.3 (FRK76) 21 November 2011 - all calls go to voicemail.

Hodges Bonawitz - South Saint Paul, MN