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Overheating & Power cycling

I have had a Droid Incredible for almost two years and have raved about it to friends and family.   About three months ago the power jack become slightly loose and would not hold the charger in place.  Verizon was nice enough to replace the phone with a refurbished model.  Since then I have to resist the urge to throw this phone at a wall. 

It began with random powercycling when the phone was used for more than 5 minutes. 

Verizon replaced the phone two more times and each new phone has the same powercycling issue. 

So I lived with it, I used my phone less and less.  I was able to make a call or check email quickly, but anything more than that it would shut down and then powercycled until it died.

Now, my phone will overheat and powercycle with any use at all.  I basically have a 30 second window to look at an email or make a call.  If any call is over 5 minutes the phone automatically shuts off after the call.

With warmer weather now, the phone will now just start powercycling in my pocket. 

I regularly have to put my phone in the freezer to cool it down.  This is what modern technology has been reduced to?

Verizon refuses to help me anymore so I am left with an overheating device in my pocket that is everyday becoming more and more useless. 

I will never get another HTC or droid phone again after this and am regretting telling family & friends to pick up this phone.

- Frustrated droid user.