Phone Doesn't Work

My phone rings, but when I answer it, I cannon hear the caller.  When I call out, the phone rings once and then I hear nothing.  It says I am still connected, but I can hear nothing and the person I am calling hears nothing.  Why doesn't my phone work?

Re: Phone Doesn't Work
Customer Service Rep

mjkirby - That's quite the riddle! The truth is your phone is not acting normally. Phones can't choose to give us the all silent treatment! Has there been any damage to your phone? Physical or water? The ear piece and mic should always work for you. What happens if you try and do a voice search/command? Does the mic pick up your voice command? What happens if you put your phone on speakerphone for a few seconds. Can you still hear and be heard on the other end? What about after turning off that feature? Even a simple shut down with a battery removal can alleviate this issue if those two components have not failed. Let us know any of these results, or if you've already gotten this addressed, as we'd like to help you if you need us!

Thank you, mjkirby, and take care!

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