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Phone Freezes

I recently started having a problem with my phone freezing when someone calls in if I am listening to Audible. It doesn't freeze up any other time (knock on wood), and it doesn't do it every time. I've noticed that it mainly does it when the battery is less than half charged. What could be causing it, and how can I make it stop?!

Also, about this same time, I have stopped being able to send or receive picture messages. Texts go through just fine, but I cannot get any pictures to download or send. 

What is going on?!

Re: Phone Freezes
Sr. Leader

Have you performed an F.R on the phone in the Past sometime when things gets bolluxed up it don't hurt to do an fr an i had a Incredible an i did the dreaded fr more than once an it helped it. Of course you'll have to save your contacts an apps an then reload them but it's not to bad of a process. It's like riding a bicycle once learn the dead you never forget how to ride it. Good luck to ya  B33

Re: Phone Freezes
Sr. Leader
Sr. Leader

If you are noticing the issue when you are using another app it sounds like you have probably identified the possible nature of problem, sounds like a incompatible conflicting application.

Is the player a stock one or a 3rd party app from market? If it is from market you may want to contact the developer of the app to see if the developer knows of a solution.

Re: Phone Freezes
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Good morning! I'm sure this frustrating for you! You've done great leg work identifying this only happens when using the Audible for Android application from the Google Market/Play store. It will be in your best interest to remove the application and reinstall to resolve this issue. If this persists, you can contact the application developer in the Market, using through e-mail support.

Thank you!


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