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Phone not the same since update....

There was an update to the Android system last week.  I finally gave in and in hopes it would help my phone run better, I let it install.

Now, several things about my phone are different.  I have made several calls in which I sat there waiting for the phone to ring and the person to answer, but never heard anything.  It told me I was connected.  I thought maybe there was some sort of delay.  Meanwhile, the phone was ringing on the other end or someone had answered but I couldn't hear them.  I had to restart my phone to solve this problem.  I shouldn't have to do that and waste my time.

Another thing is the volume/ringer on the phone.  I set my alarm before I go to sleep at night, and more than once have not been wakened by the sound of my alarm, only the vibration.  The sound simply didn't work, and the volume on my phone was turned up.  I have discovered that I can tell when this is happening by turning the volume all the up on my ringer.  It is working, it will make the little bump noise letting me know it is all the way up.  If it isn't working, then I do not hear anything, despite the volume being at full strength.  Only way I know how to solve this is again, to have to restart my phone, and it has solved it every time.  But again, I shouldn't have to spend the time to do this. 

I have several other issues, such as half the time when I try to type on the phone, it shows my letters forming or gives me possible words that I am creating, but nothing ever shows up in the text box.  I can type a whole text message then look up and realize that the box was empty and it will not send.

Another common problem lately is when I am in my call log, and I push the button to dial a number, nothing happens........until about 90 seconds later, when the call will start to go through.  By this point I have put the phone down and moved on, not realizing that I have called someone and someone has answered and is listening to me.  And if I hit the call button several times, it will, eventually, call that number several times, after several minutes.  I will be in the middle of a call and my phone will start making another call, all due to this is calling as a response from a button I pressed a few minutes before.  The other night I tried to call my brother-in-law, but nothing happened so I put the phone down and went outside.  24 minutes later, after my brother-in-law arrived, he got a missed call from me.  A 24 minute phone delay?!!

I do always find it funny that these phones tend to start becoming a major headache to use when you have about 3 months left to go before you can get a discounted upgrade.  I buy into the conspiracy that this is done on purpose.  I am one month away from an upgrade and my phone hasn't been the same for 2 months now.  My wife's is the same.  And I hear plenty others saying similar things.  Just seems that someone wants to make sure the phone becomes unbearable enough for you to use, so that you have to give in early and pay full price.

Anyway, if anyone knows how to fix any problems mentioned above, it would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!