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Phone over heating and turning on/off by itself

sometimes the phone will just turn itself off. it gets really hot while not in use. I have had several issues with apps not opening. the power button not working at all. and the last few days it now does not want to open any apps at all. I also get a lot of connection errors. Even though I am connected to wifi I get an check connection and try again.

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Re: Phone over heating and turning on/off by itself
Customer Support

We want to see you with a working phone as soon as possible, cam3450. While it's normal for the phone to get warmer during use or charge, it should certainly not be overheating when not in use. Since the phone has been overheating in addition to the errors and connection issues, please visit a Verizon Wireless store with your phone and charger for a hands-on evaluation of the device.


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