Phone wont charge.....charging port is loose
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So, this is my 4th phone and am now waiting on the 5th relpacement.   Each phone has had the same issue where the charging port is loose and then the phone wont hold a charge.    I took to verizon store at lunch today and the saleswoman said that she hadnt heard of this issue with these phones.   I asked her to replace with something equivilant that would not have this issue and of course was told that verizon could not do anything for me but order yet another replacement.    now have to wait two days for a replacement and this is my sole phone that my kids use to call me on.   The phone will die before the end of the day and I am out of luck.   I am frustrated by the way that verizon did not really want to work with me and I am over having to replace the phone ever 2-3 months.

Is there a fix short of replacing.....and is this a known issue with these phones??

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Temp fix is a do it your self deal. 1. Power down phone. 2. Using as fine point machinist or eye glass screw driver or needle tip, (Razor blade works good) squeeze the female port together from around the outside edge making the hole more tight. Do not try this with a loved one, phone only. It will work for a few more day till you get the new one. Do not tell Version you did this as they will have an excuse to denies responsibility for replacement or repair.