Picture Issues

I have 2 issues about pictures that will hopefully be easy to solve.


1. The pictures in my contacts and my "favorite" people widget automatically use the person's facebook profile picture with their name. I personally like the idea, but I've had the phone for about a month now, and the pictures have never updated. I kind if assumed the pictures would auto-update when people changed their profile picture on facebook because the phone is linked with facebook. Not too big of a deal though.


2. What I'm really trying to solve is why pictures disappear from my picture gallery on the phone. All of the pictures I've taken with the phone's camera seem to be fine, but I download and save a lot of pictures from text messages that will be in my gallery for a few days...then just aren't there anymore. I'm wondering if I'm not saving them correctly, if it's a file name issue, or something along those lines.


I appreciate anyone's help!

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