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Please help...droid x problem

my son has a droid x, and when he turned it on the other day, it showed a triangle on the screen with an exclamation point and the little droid guy. Then he messed with it, and it worked for a day. This morning, it showed the same thing. We took it to the verizon store and the manager said they didn't know what was wrong with it. she gave him a new battery and did a system reboot and wiped all the data, and it still is stuck on the screen with the picture of the warning triangle and the droid guy. PLEASE HELP!!! thanks!

Re: Please help...droid x problem

I am having some of the same problems.

My Droid X shows a red triangle with  white exclamation mark in it and the screen is all jumpy.

What is showing is almost half-way down the screen. 

I do not know what this is or what caused it.

My telephone has been off since Friday night.


Re: Please help...droid x problem
Customer Support

I can understand why/how this can be concerning for you, especially not knowing what prompted this. Is there anything on the screen with the exclamation point? Is there an error code or message? Since you have done a master reset and it is still bringing up the bootloader screen, we would need to replace the Droid X.

Tamara H.
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