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I have had the Droid Global 2 for about a year and a half.  I have taken it into Verizon store.... been given "lessons"...kept up with updates...did all I can possibly do to "be patient" with it.  Here are the following issues:

  • Pressing the "Camera" launch takes about 15-20 seconds to finally kick in.  By that time, the 'event' has long past.
  • Bluetooth would get confused, so switched to wired ear-plugs.
  • During phone call, watching Netflix, using Verizon Navigator, or listening to VM...the screen jumps to Music Application  with "NO MUSIC FILES AVAILABLE", and I have to start whatever I was doing all over again.
  • I used to actually be able to store and use Music App, but MP3 files would hang and I would have to shut down.  Verizon tech said try to "clear" all music files and see if that helps...nope.
  • During a phone call....I hear a beep, and it just goes back to home screen.  This happens 5-10 x per day.
  • When I plug in my earphones, the screen resets to Home Screen...and app shuts down (does not matter what app I am using.

What I have done....

  • Kept battery charged and cycle up and down like normal. (Verizon recommended)
  • Replaced Battery (Verizon recommended)
  • Bought Verizon Earphone "deluxe" package.(blue-tooth kept crashing...Verizon recommended)
  • Got the Verizon Store "tech" to update everything...waited 40 mins for that...hands it back to me and says "it is already up to date!!! Try power on and off next time you have problems!!"  I started to lose control and I did not want to injure this person so I left. (Lawyer recommended)
  • Waited for 90 mins for "customer support" at another Verizon store, in another town....finally gave up.  I can not wait 4 hours in line begging for help.
  • My business partner had this same model, used it for 6 months and finally gave up on it.  He just left Verizon (told Verizon he is ready for court)  and went the ATT iPhone route.
  • I studied the forums...there IS A PROBLEM WITH DROIDS !!!  If it's not one problem, it's another !!
  • I would like to stay w Verizon....I just want a "smart phone" that WORKS.  My main complaint (other than phone issues) is Verizon Customer Service.  I do not want to pay MORE money for a phone that already cost me a ton a year ago...been FIGHTING WITH IT since new....I keep getting told "just work with it !!"  No more....I want Verizon to get me a phone that WORKS!!  I paid for the insurance, extended warranty, all that crap....it simply has been a battle from the very beginning.

I am just curious....is this an ongoing problem with ALL (or most) Droid 2 phones.  I am hoping that someone at Verizon will read this and give me the service I deserve.  I have been with Verizon for 8 years...yes EIGHT YEARS.  I have Verizon FIOS at the house.  What I really need to know is, is there a phone that Verizon will REPLACE for this piece of garbage (without charging ME more $$$)....anyone had any luck getting good customer service from them ?   If so, please let me know.  Thanks much.

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Customer Service Rep

Hello Woody,

I have heard the concern in your voice here and I am here to help. It sounds like you have done a lot in terms of keeping up with your device and making sure you take all the steps to try and fix your issues. I want to turn your experience around and instill confidence in your device as well in our Customer Service.

Have you had this device replaced before? Have you also made sure to delete all files off the memory card (saving what you could of course) and make sure there wasn't anything on there that could be causing the issue(s)? I understand that you removed music files, but anything else that keeps getting put back on that could be causing this? I want to get down to the bottom of this.

What I would ask is not for you to just "work with it," I would like you to contact me. Please follow me and then message me. Include your mobile number, a prefered contact number and I will try and get in contact with you. We will work this out and get a full resolution!


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