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Problem with Droid Incredible

I am a Sprint customer but my daughter is visiting for the summer and she has had a problem crop up with her Incredible.

She is stock with all updates running 2.3.4. All of a sudden yesterday all of her calls would go to voicemail she could not text and when placing an outbound call she gets a message saying an "error has occurred and to power down her phone and that if it doesnt work to call Verizon. Her phone is on her mothers account who is on vacation on a cruise so tech support refused to help.

I have factory reset the phone and still has the same problem.

Any advice would greatly be appreciated.

Re: Problem with Droid Incredible
Customer Support

Hi angergasm,

I feel your pain; a non working phone is very inconvenient. Since you have done a factory reset and issue persists, the issue is most likely with account provisioning. I understand the account owner is not available at this time; please keep in mind that we must verify account with owner to get authorization to access the account and get this service issue resolved.
Please have account owner call us (when available) at 800-922-0204 and we'll be happy to explore all options and get this issue resolved.

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Re: Problem with Droid Incredible

My daughters phone had this same problem.  I spent an hour on my phone with customer support and nothing worked.  They filed a support ticket to have someone look at the hardward on their end.  The next morning her phone could place calls again.

Bottom line: It's not the phone.

Re: Problem with Droid Incredible

I just called HTCit's an issue with the new SW on the phone that was just put out, They said to do a master reset.