Problems with Hotmail

I would appreciate any guidance with this problem:


I have been using the Droid Charge for just over a week and recently downloaded the Hotmail app. Today I tried to attach a large file to an email and it seemed to send just fine. The receiver of the email informed me that the file was corrupt and he couldn't open it. Over the following 4 hours he had received dozens of duplicates of the email at random intervals.


Here are some of the things I did in an effort to resolve the issue:

1. Accessed 'Running Services' and stopped

2. Accessed 'Manage Applications' and force stopped, then cleared data and cache

3. Cleared any previous emails to the recipient (Inbox, Sent, Drafts, Deleted)  by accessing the web on my laptop.

4. Restarted phone

5. Uninstalled the hotmail app. Also, cleared data and removed all email accounts on the stock email app.

6. Turned off "Mobile Data"


Recipient was still receiving emails during this process and even about an hour after!


So far, I have reinstalled the Hotmail app to test sending the original attachment to my other email account. The good news is that so far I have only received the same message 3 times. The bad news is that I have received the same message 3 times. 


At this point I'm not certain if the person I emailed this afternoon is still receiving the duplicates, but I would like some help with this issue.


Any advice?

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If you did all that on the phone end and the other party was STILL recieving duplicates, it sounds like an issue with hotmail's servers.