[Q] Problem connecting to Wi-Fi -- but only at work

I've got a sort of bizarre problem that I cannot sort out.

We have an open wi-fi network at work which I've been connecting to with my Incredible 4g LTE since last summer. At some point in December, though, I stopped being able to connect to it. Here's where it gets weird:

A) My other co-workers with various other kinds of phones have not noticed any change or disruption with the work wi-fi,

B) I brought my old 2010 Incredible to work the other day and it had no trouble immediately connecting to the wi-fi network, and

C) My Inc4g still connects to our wi-fi network at home with no issues

So it is very specifically an issue with my Inc4g connecting to my work's open wi-fi.

When I toggle my wi-fi on, this is exactly what happens:

1) it sees the saved network

2) it then just constantly goes back and forth between "saved" and "connecting"

3) it also occasionally flips wi-fi off entirely and briefly displays the "to see available networks, switch on wi-fi" message... but then it flips wi-fi back on and goes back to #2

It shows signal strength for the network as poor if I look at the modify network menu, but that seems unlikely given A and B above. I have also tried telling it to forget the network and rescan, but that does not change anything. I have NOT asked firm IT about whether they changed anything with our routers, but it seems like that should not be the issue.

Any thoughts or suggestions??? I cannot get 3g/4g at my desk and I'm dying here without streaming audio/music!

Thanks for reading the tl;dr if you made it this far.

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