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Random Restarts after factory reset

This is concerning my Droid 2 R2D2.  Over the past year I've been experiencing touchscreen locks/freezes once or twice per day. The screen simply will freeze and not respond. I have to pull the battery to restart.

Finally I decided a few days ago to perform the Factory Reset (hard reset). I have not yet experience a screen freeze, but now my phone will randomly restart 3 or 4 times per day. It will restart by itself, or while docked to the Motorola Multimedia Station.

While it has a lot of nice features, this has been a frustrating phone with these bugs. Is there a fix for these problems?

I'd be happy to forward my MEID to a VZW Rep to help process this.

Re: Random Restarts after factory reset
Sr. Member

do you have advance task killer?

Re: Random Restarts after factory reset

I have had the exact same issues with my Droid R2D2. I recently wiped (factory reset) mine and my wife's phones (both R2D2s) and both have been experiencing random restarts and freezing. I've tried to uninstall apps and have not been able to pinpoint one specific app that is causing this issue. Prior to the factory reset I was not experiencing these random restarts. Are there any solutions to this? Verizon, please enlighten us on this issue!

Re: Random Restarts after factory reset
Customer Support

I'm here to enlighten as much as I can!
First, place the phone in Safe Mode for a day We will see if the device reboots while it is in safe mode.
Safe mode disables any running apps. If the device reboots while in safe mode, then we know there isn't an issue with an app, but there is one with the device.
Once you did the factory reset, did you add all of the same apps back on? If you have installed anti-virus or task killer apps, please uninstall them as well.
Keep us posted and let us know how it works while in Safe Mode.

Tamara H.
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