Re: Droid SD & Phone Storage - Factory Data Reset?

How do you stop your phone from sending a single text message multiple times until you have to turn off your phone!?!!!! This should not happen.  And a week ago I had to go down to the local Verizon store to fix duplicate contacts from going to even up to 9 or 10 copies of one name.  After spending my valuable time (2 Hrs.+) there, I had to leave and it still wasn't resolved.  I told a manager of the store my frustration and he just walked away from me.  I'm canceling my account.  And the fees to break my account agreement should be waived for all the time and problems I have had with Verizon! You did not live up to promises of a great company and great phone...I lived up to paying my payments.  And why did my real name show up when I messaged this?!!!!! (As if I care anymore).

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Customer Service Rep

Good afternoon magmae8!

I would certainly be disappointed to see you leave us unhappy, especially for what should be an easy fix. I do apologize for the length of time you had to spend in the store. Verizon Wireless does value your time and always work with a sense of urgency. Please send me (AdamE_VZW) a direct message so I can better assist and provide a solution.

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