Re: If the 2.2 update has destroyed your phone post your issue here. Wants as many as possible

Just adding my complaint to the list


Have two DROID's and both are experinceing battery drain of less than 7 hours with the new update.  Better be on a charger by noon.


Have been to tech support and adding ATK did not help.:smileysad::smileysad:

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I have the same problem.  I loved my phone until the updates.  By 10:30 a.m. my battery is now dead.  It use to last all day.  It won't hardly charge on my car charger.  It just trickle charges.  My phone gets hot to the touch.  I have numerous other problems with my phone since the "update".  It is a piece of junk now!  I have dropped calls constantly in places I never had issues.  I loose signal often.  I have a little "bobo" phone I keep for work.  It has 100% better reception than my "smart" phone. VERY disappointed in Verizon and will do a lot of research before I sign back up with them again!