Reactivated old phone, won't connect to network.

I broke my iPhone yesterday, so I had to reactivate my old Droid. It has not been able to connect to the 3G network at all since. I can text and call, but can't send or receive pictures, go online, etc. I've tried resetting the thing, disabling and re-enabling data, ... and yet its mobile network state remains disconnected. Any suggestions? Smiley Sad Thanks in advance!

Re: Reactivated old phone, won't connect to network.
Customer Service Rep

Hello heiidi,

Let’s have a moment of silence for your old Droid! It hurts me to hear when a smartphone dies and go to heaven! I guess it’s in a better place though! Rest assured that I am available to ensure that you are able to use your iPhone to its maximum potential. May I ask what software do you have on the iPhone? Also, what error message are you getting when you try to access the web? I suggest verifying that wifi is turned off in settings. Also, press and hold the sleep/wake key and the home key down for 15 seconds to do a soft reset. Once you have done so then please retest and let me know the results.

Thank you…

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