Replacement phone wont read SD card

Ok so I got a replacement phone because mine took flight into a wall. (these things happen) Either way my screen was broken so it was just black. But the new phone wont read the sd card. I tried to plug the old phone into the computer and it wouldn't come up with any pictures. I downloaded the Verizon app on the PC. Yet it still wouldn't read it. I put it in a larger SD card to put it in the SD slot of the computer but it came up wit :sd card error. Did I loose all my pics?

Re: Replacement phone wont read SD card
Customer Service Rep

Hi Bossmanhladasz,

Oh my! I am sorry to hear that a wall attacked your old device. Yet, happy that you were able to get a replacement device with a properly working screen. What happens when you place the SD Card into the new device? Do you receive an error message? Does the card mount? Is the new phone a Samsung Droid Charge? Keep me posted.

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