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Request for some assistance


I was just sent a Droid Charge and has only had it for about a week and half now in replacement of the Thunderbolt which I had at least 5 replacements of due to problems. I'm very pissed right now because I was sent the Droid Charge where I had to order my own battery and charger. I pay insurance every month and my bill also and to have issues with these phone is really making me want to leave Verizon when I have been a loyal customer since they were Bell Atlantic mobile. and all  I was sent was another phone with problems. With the charge I have been having issues of where I am talking to people and then the phone goes out where I can hear them talking, but they cant hear me and this happens on almost every call. I am also having issues of where I can dial a number and text and the screen will blank in and out. I really need some assistance on these issues. Very Pissed Customer at the Moment................

Re: Request for some assistance
Sr. Leader
Sr. Leader

i don't think there's anything that will fix that. you could try a factory reset, but it sounds like you got another bad phone. i'd ask for another one. also, if you are getting a replacement, it should come with the battery and charger. i wouldn't accept it if it doesn't.

Re: Request for some assistance
Customer Support

I want you to love your device Wesmith353! I would also be frustrated if my device wasn't reliable! The performance you have described isn't typical for the amazing Droid Charge! I recommend running the device in safe mode for a full day to rule out third party app conflict for starters. Here's a helpful link for your reference.


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