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Retrieve text messages without touchscreen

My touchscreen is unresponsive on my droid 2 and I need need need to get to my text can I do this?  I need not only the time and date but the content too. Someone said it is the firmware and that restoring it my erase all my messages but fix my screen....I need help lol I am lost with this stuff.  Someone else suggested using a magnet to open the multimedia menu but that seems risky.  I just want my messages, I will get a new phone...Please help!!!

Re: Retrieve text messages without touchscreen
Sr. Member

Try something a little warmer (higher temperature) with which to touch the screen. 

If it were me I would hold my index finger under the hot water faucet, quickly dry it, and then immediately touch the message icon . 

Let your finger get as HOT as you can stand but don't scald yourself. 

It's a weired idea but it's the only idea I came up with.


PS,  With the Droid Charge a 10+ minute battery removal has fixed things that were not working without losing any of the phones stored items or info.