Rhapsody music subscription transfer problems since updating DroidX to Gingerbread?

Since upgrading the DroidX to Gingerbread (2.3.3), the downloading of subscription music from Rhapsody has been highly unstable.  Before that, it worked fine. 


With extensive effort, I've gotten a few hundred songs transferred (about 13 playlists).  But the 14th playlist froze during transfer, with error codes like 0xc00d2772 and other "general error" messages. 


Once the problem starts, I can't transfer any more playlists successfully without 'purging everything' and starting from scratch. 


BTW - I'm using the "sideloading" technique (not Rhapsody's Android app, which has also been slow and/or unreliable, but that's a different story). 


I've tried numerous suggestions from various forums - too many to list.  I called both Verizon and Rhapsody, who suggested various cleanup processes, downloading smaller playlists, downloading the tracks to my computer before transferring them to the phone, and other measures.  These suggestions seemed to help.....but not for long.  The problem always returns.  


I've noticed numerous gripes about Gingerbread, and I suspect it might be the root cause of this problem.  I can transfer music to 2 other non-android phones and my old Zen MP3 player.  


Can anyone shed some light on this?  Is it a Gingerbread problem?  (I don't see it on d.harris' list of Gingerbread bugs https://supportforums.motorola.com/thread/51997).  Is this problem recognized by the developers?  Is a fix in the pipeline?  When might it be expected?   Wouldn't Verizon and/or Rhapsody have a vested interest, and put pressure on Motorola to get this addressed?  Thanks. 

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