SD Card Corruption Issue?

Hi there,

I believe there is a cross-platform problem with Android causing the SD card to become corrupted, specifically with photo/video files.

I'm wondering if anyone has any solid answers to this problem (a Google search of the title of this thread in Android forums will find many results, but little in the way of answers).

Here's what's happening to my Droid X

I start taking pictures and or video.  Everything is fine till suddenly photos go missing.  I'll take a photo and it will not save.  If I stop here and reboot my phone I'm all set, but if I take another picture all hell breaks loose on the SD card.  I'll go into the gallery and see that the last few photos have a blank thumb nail and show as 1Kb files.

If I don't do anything and go back into the gallery, with each visit to the gallery more photos become corrupted.  Photos that were OK yesterday would be 1Kb empty files today.  Attempts to recover the photos using file recovery software have not worked.

If I put the SD card in my PC and run a check disk scan on it I get a "Windows has made corrections to the file system" message. Once repaired things work great again until some random point when it happens again. I can even leave the corrupted photo files on the card, the root of the problem is the file system corruption. If I take the extra step of formatting the SD card it seems to stay stable longer before the file system crashes. The problem seems to make other problems worse, most notably my battery life takes a dive when the problem occurs, and a format will literally double my battery life on standby.

This is my second Droid X with the exact same problem (it was a warranty replacement for this issue, the ease with which the Verizon people agreed to send me a new phone made me think this is a wide problem, they never even asked me to trouble shoot it).  The first time it happened I didn't know what was going on and the error got so bad that it destroyed by SD card (the stock one).  After replacing the SD card the phone began to run great, battery life improved noticably, very few slow downs or crashing programs, then the next time I noticed corrupted photo files the phone became temperamental again until I formatted the SD card again.

Its my belief there is something wrong with the software and I've run into a number of other people who have the same problem on a number of different Droid platforms.  I think for me the problem began with the release of Gingerbread, I used to use this phone's amazing camera all the time and never had the problem.  Now I'm lucky if I can take a half dozen photos before I have to reformat the SD card.  If I don't use the camera the card does not get corrupted.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.