SD card messing up bad

Ever since that new update, my SD card refuses to work with my phone.  It will work for about 5 minutes then it unmounts itself and all the apps that are on my SD card start malfunctioning as well as I can't use my music or photos without either completely restarting the phone or going into settings and unmounting and remounting the SD card.  Pretty much every time I want to view my photos or play my music I have to go thru this and its getting extremely frustrating.  Is there a fix for this???

Re: SD card messing up bad
Verizon Employee

Hi jitter_bug_2002,


I feel your pain; I would be very frustrated if I experienced issues with my SD memory card. While no SD card issues have been reported as known issues after latest software update, I would think that some third party application conflicts may be causing the issues. I would recommend trying 2 things:


Format SD Memory Card Remember to back up important media first as this procedure will erase all data on the memory card.


Factory Reset Performing a hard reset will remove ALL data including the Google account, system data, application data, application settings, and downloaded applications. This process will not delete any thing on your SD Memory card.


I trust that one of the above recommendations resolve the issues with your SD Memory card. Keep us posted after you try the above troubleshooting steps.