Samsung's Customer Service... How'd I guess?
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Thank you for your recent correspondence. We understand that you are having trouble with the operating system on your handset and its functionality.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this present.

In Samsung's history of wireless phones, we have never had a known issue and expect that the phone that you purchase would be in working order.

We are aware that there are official-looking websites online that have statements regarding issues, but, unfortunately, these are not Samsung sites, and this information is not accurate.

As of the moment, Samsung is unable to speculate when/if the next software revision might be available for the SCH-I510 handset due to the fact that this might lead to inaccurate information and confusion.

We will forward your feedback along to the appropriate parties for further review and consideration.

Should this become available, it will be posted on our website in the Samsung Download Center or you will be informed by your Service Provider.

What we could offer would be to ask that you call our Customer Support Center to allow an agent to troubleshoot this matters with you and determine what can be done from here.

Most issues may be resolved with minimal troubleshooting. Once troubleshooting has been done to the point of actual failure, we can setup a repair on the product, should it be determined the problem cannot be resolved over the phone. We can repair the phone, if it is still under warranty and has not been physically damaged.

If it is deemed, after troubleshooting, that the handset requires service/repair, our Repair Administrators will create a Return Material Authorization (RMA#) for the device. Provided there is no physical damage to the phone and the failure is not due to any type of liquid damage, the phone will be repaired under warranty.

If the phone has experienced damage or is out of warranty by date (it was purchased more than one year ago) the standard charge will likely apply for the repairs to your phone. Charges start at $70.36 and can increase, depending upon the nature and severity of the issue. We are only able to arrange payment for these repairs through credit card (Visa or MasterCard).

We could not extend the warranty to other country since the device is manufactures for the specifications of the Service Provider here in United States. Also, free shipping of the device for warranty service is in only applicable here in US mainland.

For troubleshooting and questions related to possible repairs we invite you to contact Samsung Customer Care at your earliest convenience through our toll free number 1-888-987-HELP (1-888-987-4357).

A Customer Service Representative will be able to assist you between the hours 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Monday thru Friday, and 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Saturday, Central Standard Time. The defective product will needto be sent to our repair center and a Proof of Purchase is required. The Repair Administrator will assign RMA # for the repair thatwill need to be written under our address on the outside of the package being sent. The phone will be tested and inspected for quality assurance while in our facilities. This will ensure the fact that your phone will be completely functional with all necessary repairs performed when the handset is shipped from our facilities.

Do you have more questions regarding your Samsung Mobile Phone? For 24 hour information and assistance, we offer our new FAQ/ARS System - Automated Response System at

It's like having your very own personal Samsung Technician at your fingertips.

We appreciate your continued interest in Samsung products.

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First off I couldn''t find the SCH-I510 on the list, so sorry about that, ultimately y''all will still be able to get the message about the Droid Charge wither or not I chose the right model.
Second, I know that y''all have a pre-selected answer to 99 of comments/questions usually resulting in an \we can not answer that\ type of deal, so I''m expecting GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE there as y''all will basically say \we''re sorry about your phone, we can not provide you with any details due to the fact we don''t want to misinform you, and to contact verizon (who will ultimately say to contact y''all again resulting in contacting verizon again and so forth) and that y''all will forward the message to a supervisor who will ultimately do nothing.\ Somebody needs to be willing to take charge and leadership.

I am speaking on the behalf of many Droid Charge owners and they will all back me up if y''all had a survey on this as well.

Y''all need to release an update (team up with verizon, google, 3rd parties WHOEVER) that will ultimately make this phone usable. There are so many flaws in the software of the phone its amazing y''all let it on the market. I have taken my phone to verizon, contacted y''all, and as mentioned above, \contact verizon, contact samsung, contact verizon\ I''M SICK OF IT. ITS LIKE BEATING A DEAD HORSE, NO USE. At this point, I''m not even looking for technical support, I''m just wanting a REAL answer as to why the software is so bad and there is no desire to fix it. (We all know honestly, y''all, as a company, do not care about the customer, if y''all did, y''all would be working on an update to fix the previous update that inflicted more problems, on a fairly new phone model, or would at least provide a real non-automated answer.) If there was some way that y''all could do a re-call on the phone and swap them out with a phone of similar specs that WORKS, that would probably be the best solution since apparently y''all don''t know who does what with the software, which I find hard to believe, but nobody wants to take fault. I want a phone, not a $200 paper weight that costs an additional close to $100 a month to have.

If all I am going to get is an automated answer similar to one I mentioned, please forward this to your supervisor so he will ignore it as mentioned above so you don''t have to waste your time copying and pasting an answer.
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