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Screen Touch messed up

Hi so lately my driod x2 had been acting funny, it freezes amd it quite slow sometimes. I dont have alot of apps on it just the ones i use. Its hard to describe but when i try to touch my phone it either doesnt do anything or it takes forever. I am a fast typer with texting and emailing. I never used to have this problem, is there anything i can do before i throw my phone at a wall and buy a different one?

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Re: Screen Touch messed up
Customer Support

Greetings bhawki121:

You can certainly perform some troubleshooting options before resorting to phone violence! Try pulling out the battery for a few minutes and restarting the phone. Does this only happen when typing? If so, you can try clearing the cache on your Multi-Touch keyboard: That will clear any keyboard issues. If that is unsuccessful, you can try a factory reset:  Let us know if that works out for you and reply back with any new findings.


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Re: Screen Touch messed up

I realize this isn't a solution to your problem most likely but I have had the same issue.  I get some message that says "force close" after it freezes up ALL OF THE TIME.  You can go into a store or call verizon and they will send you a replacement phone and maybe you'll get lucky but I'm on at least my fourth phone and all have had the same problem.  Good luck!!!