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Screen started flickering then phone died completely...

So while I was at work yesterday night my X2 just randomly started acting really odd. First, it got really hot, like it did in the early days when the battery would superheat, which it hasn't done in quite some time. Then, shortly after, my screen started flickering. At first I just though my auto brightness sensor was off, until I shut it off and it continued to flicker regardless of what level I had it set on. Its worth noting that I had 80% battery life at this point. I decided to reboot, and even during the boot process it was still flickering. it sat maybe 50 seconds at the home screen, gradually heating up, until my batt monitor showed it drop from 80 to 50%, then immediately go from 50 to 20, then read zero and shut itself off. I let it cool for about twenty minutes, then plugged my charger in. It displayed the Moto logo onscreen as usual, then immediately went dark. No battery charging level on screen, no indicator light showing battery charge, nothing. Its worth noting that when I have my charger halfway plugged in it turns the green indicator light, which would usually come on right before it started charging. I've tried a second battery, and the phones still unresponsive. It was stock, no roms, not rooted. Any suggestions/advice? It wasn't under warranty, because I am an idiot.

Re: Screen started flickering then phone died completely...

i am experiencing the same exact problem you are with the Droid X and its currently plugged in but only the Motorola logo is on the screen and mine started just yesterday evening acting this way, i logged on to see if someone had a suggestion. and i too do not have a warranty