My Droid DR2D2 has been restarting own it's own lately. which hasn't worried me until tonight when afterwards, it stopped getting signal. I've taken the battery out to reset it a few times and let it sit before doing so, but still nothing...

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Hello redjewel77,

You are so lucky! I wanted a Droid R2D2 so bad but I wasn't eligible for an upgrade at the time! I think that this is phone is a collector's item for any Star Wars fan! May I ask what software version do you have on your device? Also, are you using the original battery that came with the device? Below is a few troubleshooting steps to try in order to get the power cycling issue resolved.

  • Remove any data management apps or task killers.
  • Update device software. (If needed)
  • Verify that the battery is securely inserted in the phone.
  • Replace battery if needed.
  • Perform factory reset. (See link below)

Keep in mind that the last step does erase all personal information from the device. It is recommended to backup your contacts using backup assistant and your calendar entries on your Gmail account prior to the factory reset. Pictures, videos, and music can be archived on the memory card. After the reset, the device would need to be reactivated and setup. There is a brief tutorial on how to activate and setup the device. For testing purposes, try to use the device for 2-3 days without downloading any 3rd party apps, including ones that you used to have. This will help determine if the issue is caused by a corrupt app, which is more common than most of us are aware of. Once you have done so, please reply with your findings as this may help another community member.

Thank you...


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