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So many issues I'm not sure where to begin

I know many people adore and love their Droid Incredible 2s, I hear most people think they're good phones that work well. Unfortunately, I'm not one of them. I am currently on my third replacement (fourth phone overall) and they keep getting worse. Every replacement phone seems to have all the problems of the previous, plus something new.

My first one merely had keyboard issues, it would stop responding to my keystrokes or skip over random letters I had entered. This eventually progressed until a Verizon rep at a store decided to replace it.

My second one added the quirk of the nearly entire screen ceasing to respond to my input. This was most easily seen in the messaging app where I could choose to see drafts or visual voicemail, but I was unable to select a message or choose compose message. Turning off the screen and turning it back on didn't help, only a battery pull. Also, the keyboard grew worse. Unless I hit a key dead center, it wouldn't register at all. The first one gave me some room for error, but this one doesn't.

The third one decided it didn't like the battery. It routinely showed a grey battery icon with an exclamation point. Going into the settings would reveal "Battery status unknown."

And now my fourth one, which I just got activated yesterday, has decided it wants to randomly call people without any user input. I can have the phone sitting on a desk and it'll light up and I hear ringing as if I had dialed someone and was waiting for them to pick up.

Now remember, each phone has compounded the problems and faults of the last, so this fourth phone is essentially a time bomb/brick. Additionally, and this is minor so I don't care, this model has always had a bug in the messaging app. Occasionally, it will mark random text messages as unread, even if I was the last one to reply in the conversation. It can be a few minutes or several days old and then suddenly the little green dot will show up, usually with a 1 or 2 indicating an unread message. What isn't so minor is the fact that my data speed has been steadily decreasing over the past two months (and three phones) and the quality of service continues to degrade.

Has anyone else seen this sheer volume of bugs and problems with a phone? I'm growing tired of factory data resets and migrating to new phones and just want one device to work. That's not too complicated of a request is it?

The Verizon reps in store often give ridiculous advice too. For example, apparently some of the first things I'm supposed to do are install apps from the Play Store to replace the stock messaging app and keyboard. Handcent and Gingerbread Keyboard are the specific recommendations. This is true madness. Why should I have to download an app that looks like a child's toy to send a text message when HTC supposedly ships the phone with one?