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Someone help! My DroidX is having issues.

Ok, so about a week ago my phone starts messing up. It will occasionally freeze up and i'll have to reboot it and then it's ok for a while. NOW, just over the past week or so, it will occasionally mess up in the way that if I call someone or they call me, they can't hear me and I can't hear them. So, I have to totally reboot (which sucks cause it takes like an hour to reboot, jk) which takes like 5 mins and then it will work fine. But now, it is doing this every single day, sometimes multiple times. Is anyone else having this problem?? And what should I do?

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Re: Someone help! My DroidX is having issues.
Customer Support

Skittles444, let's get those phone issues under control so you can enjoy your holiday! For the freezing issues, let try clearing the cache/browser history. Here are the steps & I would also recommend enabling/disabling safe mode to check if an app is causing functionality issues. Here are the steps . Does your phone have any physical or water damage? Have long have you had your device? If your phone is still under the one-year manufactures warranty and has no damage, we can replace the phone. The last step if you continue to have rebooting, freezing and speaker issues is to perform a hard reset. Here are the steps .Please keep us posted.