Text Messages "loading"

Yesterday I noticed that the back cover on my phone was coming off a little, so I turned the phone off, took the cover off, brushed away some dust that had accumulated around the battery, etc, put the cover back on, and powered up the phone. Every since then I have not been able to view texts from my boyfriend. When I try to view my conversation with him it just says "Loading". I left it trying to open his messages over night, but it still said "Loading" when I woke up this morning.

In the meantime I have sent and received messages with my cousin and my mother just fine. I can send my boyfriend texts by hitting compose message and typing his number in, but I can't view anything he sent me.

Also, since shutting it off yesterday, the phone seems to be running slower, which doesn't make sense to me.

 He doesn't have a smartphone, so I know its not caused by an app he's using.

Also, I've tried starting the phone in safe mode, but that did not change anything either.

He's the only person whose messages I can't read.

Any ideas how I can fix my "Loading" problem?

Re: Text Messages "loading"
Verizon Employee

Hello talika,


This is an unusual issue that you are experiencing. I'm sure we can get this resolved for you by partnering together and doing a little research. Below, I have question about the device and the situation. If you would so kind as to answer them so I can better understand the root cause of the issue. 


What make and model device do you have? 

What software version do you have on the Droid Incredible 2? (Android version, baseband version, & system version)

Do you have a signature on your text messages?

How much available device memory do have?


Thank you for providing the troubleshooting steps that you have already tried. The next step would be a factory reset. As always, I encourage that you back up your personal information, like your contacts and calendar entries, to your Gmail account. You also have the option to use backup assistant for your contacts. I have provided a link below with the steps on how to complete the factory reset process. 




Once you have performed the reset, there is a brief tutorial on the device that will assist in reactivating and setting up the device. Once your device is reactivated, please test your voice and data services, including texting your boyfriend's phone number. Please post your findings just in case we need to further assist.


Thank you...