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I have had issues with Verizon service and texting a lot.  It started with my blackberry and now it is worse with the Droid X2.  Some of my text messages are never recieved by others and I don't receive messages either.  Also my phone will send blank text messages or cut the message off half way or after the first two words (mostly with other verison users).  I have called Verizon for them to fix this problem 4 times and nothing has happened.  I have updated my phone and programed my phone by dialing the *228 and did option 1.  If someone could help me that would be great.  I am very close to changing services.

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Verizon Employee

Hi jkemph5,

I feel your pain. I use text messages more than I make calls and I can see how inconvenience it must be to have issues with your text messaging feature. This issue is most likely caused by a 3rd party application conflict. You are a valued customer and I'd like to provide you some options to resolve this issue.

First, if you are using a 3rd party application to send/receive text messages (i.e. Handcent) please remove it and use the native messaging application. This will eliminate any conflict between the 3rd party text message application and your phone's operating system.

If you are using native messaging application please run your phone in Safe Mode, and test. Safe Mode disables all 3rd party applications and is a great tool to confirm applications' conflicts. If issue is resolved in Safe Mode then you must identify the conflicting application and remove it. Regrettably, there is no easy way to identify the bad apple; I recommend removing all 3rd party applications and install one by one running tests before installing the next application until you find the bad app.

If the above does not resolve the issue, our next troubleshooting step is to do a Factory Reset. Please complete all troubleshooting steps provided and keep us posted as to which step resolves the issue.


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