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Thanks for breaking my phone

I see they decided to push the Jelly Bean update to the Bionics about a month before the original purchases hit the 18 month upgrade window.  They already made these devices slow 6 months ago when they pushed the ICS update.  Now it is a terrible crawl.   So when I bought this phone 18 months ago it was one of the fastest phones of it's time.  I also was grandfathered in with my unlimited data.  Now VZW gives me two operating system updates that were designed for phones with more horsepower that has basically crippled this phone. 

I HAD a great phone with multiple replaceable batteries, car and home docking stations, cases, etc...

So the options that I am suck with are

1.  Get a new phone in a few weeks when I am eligible. Spending $200 for a phone, another $100 on batteries, cases, etc and loose my unlimited data plan.

2.  Wait six more months using this dinosaur, and then leave VZW on principle.

3.  Pay the early termination fee and switch now.

4.  Pay full price for a new phone and keep my unlimited data.

This was a nice phone that I was happy with that had good performance.  If I was at my original OS it would still be a decent phone .  If I had an option I would not have changed operating systems. Performance is the most important to me.  If I simply had an outdated phone I would have been OK with that.  My problem is that VZW / Motorola  induced the slowness on me with this phone.

I have already done all of the troubleshooting steps.  (Factory reset, removing applications, and even a replacement phone), It is still slow.

Re: Thanks for breaking my phone

Another option pick up a phone on ebay and use that until your contract expires. I do it all the time with NO PLAN CHANGE. Buy from a reputable STORE NOT an individual.

Re: Thanks for breaking my phone
Customer Support

Hello shankomatic!

I have to admit, software updates on Android operating systems should be a sweet treat, not cause a headache. With that said, we most certainly don't want to lose your business anytime soon. While upgrading is always an exciting time, I'm confident that we can get your Bionic back up to speed.

Now, I'd like to thank you for the troubleshooting you've already taken on thus far with a factory reset, removing applications, and even a replacement phone. Something I always recommend is putting your phone into safe mode . That will disable third party applications so the issue can be completely isolated from the software (as opposed to just removing some applications and reloading after a reset). Please give that a shot and let me know how it works so we can that plot a course of action to make sure you're happy staying on board with us.

VZW Support
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Re: Thanks for breaking my phone

Thanks for the response. Over the past several days I have been trying several different things. Booting into safe mode made the phone more responsive. I removed practically any app that performs any background functions and returned to normal operating mode and started to add back applications looking for the problem to reoccur.  Didn't find any one app that caused the problem.  It appears it is just a combination of what the phones hardware can handle now with a newer operating system.  The apps that I think are the biggest hogs are the three widgets I have, a weather widget, a sports ticker widget and the Facebook widget.